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Miranda Kane presents


Public Speaking

If you're planning a debate or public speaking event, I will be happy to talk about the current sex-industry and why sex-worker activists are working towards decriminalisation.


Alternatively, I'd also love to discuss Body Positivity and Size Acceptance as the founder of Club Indulge.


I’m adept at explaining our current laws and legislation, and obviously happy to include my own life experience with clarity, humour and passion.


The video below is from when I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at the Cambridge debate society, and would be happy to do more. I’m available for debates, public speaking, university and corporate events.


Please email with details of your event.








Miranda is currently organising a tour of The Coin-Operated Girl. Please contact if you would  like to see it in your venue or festival.


She is also involved in Sex Worker Rights and runs size acceptance events throughout the UK with Club Indulge.


If you would like to contact her, please email She is happy to give interviews, talks, do art or collaborate with projects and performances.




'Miranda is open and personable and delivers a package of experiences that might  be considered edgy or even taboo with a refreshing bluffness.'




Broadway Baby



'Kane is at once arresting and engaging, spirited and razor-sharp.’




Fringe Review, Camden Fringe


'As a demystifying of the life of a call girl it’s up there with Belle de Jour, but, I would say more interesting and more entertaining.  Kane is a good, professional and skilled raconteur'




Fringe Review, Brighton Fringe


'Kane’s show is one of the most informative shows on a topic that perhaps doesn’t always loan itself to this type of frankness. But the biggest selling point is that Kane feels no shame...and rightly so!




The New Current


'..a compelling insight into what a lot of men enjoy... It was pretty frivolous and also rather fun.'




Three Weeks


'Kane’s performance certainly shows that she was proud to be part of this profession'




Edinburgh Evening News


'Kane is a thoroughly engaging raconteur and exuberant host.'

The List


'Miranda is warm, charming and extremely funny ..a great story teller and is fantastic at engaging with her audience.'

From Dusk 2 Dawn



4-star 4-star 4-star 4-star 4-star 4-star

Praise for the production

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